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Instances wherein one’s Right of Occupancy can be revoked

DID YOU KNOW THAT asides from failure to obtain Governor’s Consent on transfer of interest in land, there are other instances wherein one’s Right of Occupancy can be revoked without compensation paid to the holder by the government. Such instances include:

1. Where the land is a bare land – Section 29 (1) (4) (a) of the Land Use Act.

2. When a person holds an undeveloped land in an urban area which is up to a hectare or more, then a plot or portion of the land not exceeding ½ hectare will only be given to the holder and the rest revoked without compensation paid – Section 34(5) Land Use Act.

3. Revocation on grounds of breach of the provisions contained in the Certificate of Occupancy – Section 28(5)(a) Land Use Act.

4. Breach of terms contained in the Certificate of Occupancy or any special contract made under section 8 of the Land Use Act – Section 28 (5) (b) Land Use Act.

5. Revocation on grounds of refusal/neglect to accept and pay for a certificate issued in evidence of a right of occupancy – Section 28(5)(d) Land Use Act.

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