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Zulum orders demolition of brothels, criminal dens in Maiduguri

On Tuesday, October 17, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State issued a decisive order to dismantle illegal brothels and notorious criminal hideouts associated with prostitution, gangsterism, and various illicit activities within the Maiduguri metropolis, with a strict 72-hour deadline.

While the responsible agencies, whether the Borno Urban Development Agency or Borno Geographical Information Service, remained unclear, Governor Zulum made the directive during a visit to one of these locations at ‘Bayan Quarters,’ a settlement adjacent to the railway staff quarters in the metropolis.

This area has been a breeding ground for gangsters, criminal operations, and the exploitation of minors for commercial sex activities.

The governor voiced his deep concern over the escalating criminal activities linked to these illegal brothels and criminal hideouts, including prostitution, drug trafficking, and other unlawful enterprises.

He emphasized that these activities not only jeopardize the state’s security but also perpetuate social vices that undermine community well-being and the dignity of those involved.

Governor Zulum clarified that the settlement, which harbors criminals and minor girls engaged in commercial sex activities, would be demolished within 72 hours, while the illegal brothels had a 12-hour ultimatum to vacate.

“The government has been duly informed of the activities that are going on here; this settlement is completely illegal. People are killed here, and this place serves as a breeding space for insurgents. Therefore, I have directed that everybody should vacate the place,” Zulum declared.

Additionally, Zulum revealed the revocation of the land title where these criminal activities were taking place, which had initially received approval for use by the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

“I understand that this land was approved by the Borno State Government to be used by the Nigerian Railway Corporation, but unfortunately, it’s been rented out illegally with all forms of criminal activities taking place,” Zulum explained. “For this reason, the government has revoked the earlier approval, and henceforth, the land belongs to Borno State Government.”

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