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how to stop omo onile in Lagos state

“Omo onile” is a term commonly used to describe land grabbers in Lagos State who engage in illegal land activities

“Omo onile” is a term commonly used to describe land grabbers in Lagos State who engage in illegal land activities such as selling or reselling land without the appropriate authorization or documentation. These activities can lead to disputes and conflicts among landowners and developers, causing significant problems for the real estate industry in the state.

To stop “omo onile” in Lagos State, the following measures can be taken:

  1. Enforcement of laws: The Lagos State government has enacted laws and regulations to prevent land grabbing and other illegal land activities. These laws need to be strictly enforced to deter “omo onile” from engaging in such activities.
  2. Public awareness: The government can launch public awareness campaigns to educate the public on the dangers of dealing with “omo onile.” The campaign should emphasize the importance of obtaining proper documentation and working with licensed real estate professionals to avoid falling victim to land grabbers.
  3. Collaboration with stakeholders: The government can work closely with various stakeholders, including real estate developers, community leaders, and law enforcement agencies, to address the issue of land grabbing in the state. This collaboration can help to identify hotspots and take appropriate action to prevent “omo onile” from operating in these areas.
  4. Digitization of land records: The government can digitize land records to improve transparency and accountability in land transactions. This will make it more difficult for “omo onile” to engage in illegal land activities, as all land transactions will be tracked and recorded.
  5. Punishment for offenders: The government should impose severe punishment on anyone caught engaging in illegal land activities. This will serve as a deterrent to others and help to curb the activities of “omo onile” in the state.

In summary, stopping “omo onile” in Lagos State requires a collaborative effort between the government, stakeholders, and the public. By implementing these measures, the government can protect the real estate industry in the state and ensure that land transactions are conducted legally and transparently.

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